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CSC Algar adopts MD2 LGPD SUITE solution

CSC Algar adopts MD2 LGPD SUITE as foundation to their data privacy compliance program. CSC Algar (Corporative Solution Center) is a corporative unit of Grupo ALGAR created to centralize financial, administrative, accountant, fiscal and legal functions of the conglomerate companies, aiming at the operational and governance efficiency, with the lowest price and best quality.

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CSC Algar operates with several processors and computacional platforms. All of this operational dinamic brings a big challenge to governance and management of personal data inside the new data privacy requirements.


Faced with this challenge, CSC Algar began its search for a specialist partner that could support it in this journey. After all the technical and market analyses made, CSC Algar chose MD2's LGPD Suite solution, which brings as a differential a systemic solution that embeds all the necessary mechanisms for the governance of policies, processes, risks and management of occurrences to support the holders and their consent, with integrated capacities to the governance of estructured and not estructured data, then allowing it to map and manage all personal data and their legal frameworks according to the data privacy compliance program.


The Data Privacy Governance program at the CSC is being led by Thiago Diniz Batista, from Corporate IT. In addition to the technical factors analyzed, Thiago pointed out that another decisive factor for choosing the solution LGPD Suite from MD2 was the synergy and benchmarking performed with other companies in the ALGAR Group that opted to use the solution.

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