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PSA Bank adopts MD2 LGPD SUITE solution

Present in Brazil since 1999, Banco PSA has a wide variety of products and services so that customers can realize their dream of owning a car and drive Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles. PSA Bank also offers the Peugeot and Citroën Dealer Network the financing of its new and used car inventory, providing competitive conditions and a sustainable business model. A partnership signed worldwide with Banco Santander places the company among the major players when the subject is "Carmaker's Bank".


With the arrival of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in 2018, which regulates the treatment and privacy of personal data in Brazil, PSA Bank was faced with a challenge with a complex operation in different lines of business, the large volume associated with the handling of customer, employee, prospect and other data, began to require the existence of a robust governance and compliance management program to meet the requirements imposed by the LGPD.


Faced with this challenge, Banco PSA began its search for a specialist partner that could support it in this journey. After all the technical and market analyses made, Banco PSA chose MD2's LGPD Suite solution, which brings as a differential a systemic solution that embeds all the necessary mechanisms for the governance of policies, processes, risks and management of occurrences to support the holders, as the qualified capacities to personal data governance, delivering a foundation with a integrated and qualified vision of holder’s data and their relationship profile, to support the compliance program, and that can be used to other estrategic initiatives to the bank business


LGPD governance program on Banco PSA is beeing conducted by Bruno Saab, Operations Directior and DPO of Banco PSA.

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