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The MD2 LGPD SUITE solution is 100% integrated, offering a systemic view of all implementation phases based on a methodology supported by work fronts, accelerators and software components.

MD2 Quality Manager addresses all activities in the Assessment and Support phase of the operation of the GDPR compliance program. For small companies that do not have complexity in their technological infrastructure of systems and applications that handle personal data, MD2 Quality Manager addresses all the critical and necessary actions for the implementation of the LGPD compliance program.


For companies that have relevant complexity in their technological infrastructure of systems and applications that handle personal data, the methodology applied by MD2 establishes market-leading activities and tools aimed at data governance.


IBM InfoSphere Information Server Software offers data governance capabilities and is the supporting technology for the instrumentation phases of data governance, unified view of the holder and management of the legal framework.


IBM StoredIQ provides the governance of personal data in an unstructured format, allowing the mapping and linking of all unstructured data about a particular subject that the company stores in its infrastructure.


In this way, the solution allows you to create a complete and integrated view of the personal data that are processed in your operation, their treatment, sharing and additional mechanisms for risk management and processes to support the LGPD governance program.


The solution offers the MD2 Quality Manager component, an essential tool for the LGPD governance team, which allows the formalization of policies, business processes and their handling of personal data with their information flows, risk management, incidents, tasks and action plans to manage the compliance program, with an integrated portal of services to meet the rights of holders.

The solution offers a robust foundation of data governance supported by market-leading IBM technologies, providing the corporate management of personal data from formal systems, through a unified view of the holders and their management of the legal framework, delivering a supporting data HUB for the legal use of personal data in the operation and optimization in meeting the rights of the holders.


The model of the unified base of holders is prepared to meet all the controls required by the Law.


The data are born in the organization's transactional systems and are incorporated by the routines of collection and qualification of these data, routines of legal framework of the data (based on contracts, consent and other legal hypotheses) supported by rules of treatment and data unification.


The solution stores the data of the mapped holders, not limited to customer records. It includes management of all types of personal data (prospect, suppliers, employees, business partners) and business events (contract data, employment relationship, etc.) that support the maintenance of this information for the management of the legal framework.


The solution offers the complementary management of personal data in an unstructured format (documents, images, e-mails).


The solution delivers a corporate asset catalog with robust governance mechanisms to support the GDPR compliance program.

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