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In the era of legislation to organize the use of personal data, based on the universal fundamental rights of freedom and privacy of human beings, information owners gain authority over the use of their information by organizations. At the same time, regulatory authorities bring a series of requirements for companies to be diligent about protecting and respecting the use of information.

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Therefore, companies need to formalize and implement the new data processes and services to offer data subjects who transact data with the institution information such as: right to confirmation of data processing, access to data, rectification, consent or revocation, understanding of what is done with the data, objection to automated algorithmic processing and decisions, among others.

One of the requirements of the General Data Protection Law is to meet the rights of the data subjects. To this end, the MD2 LGPD Suite has a portal that presents the data subject with several request possibilities (through authenticated or non-authenticated form). These requests are automatically registered in the Quality Manager in order to centrally establish all the management for the holder's assistance.

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