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The HUB LGPD SUITE stores the data of the owners mapped, not limited to customer records. It includes additional important areas such as prospect data management, suppliers, employees, business partners and contract data that support the maintenance of this information during the period of its execution and performs the management of the framework for legal use in an automated manner. In addition, it is prepared to promote the management of consent, permission declared by the holder and referenced in external bases that will be populated for this purpose (consent reference bases and other legal hypotheses such as contracts in force and legal obligations).

Data Integration

The wide range of connectors available in the solution allows the integration of the platform with several distinct technologies used by the source systems. The architecture of the LGPD Suite was prepared to facilitate the inclusion of new data sources in a simple and intuitive manner. The existing synchronization controls in this integration mechanism contemplate the complete management of routines that include restart/recover resources and the sending of alerts and notifications in case of eventual failures. 


Data Quality

The information captured by the platform is submitted to a broad and rigorous data quality process. Several routines are applied during the processing cycle, including routines for critical and validation of this information. Cross-referencing with internal and external reference bases, such as postal service files or even access to external credit bureau services, enable eventual sanitization and enrichment of this data. This quality library allows the information with low quality to be directed to the curation areas to be treated, while the rest of the information continues the processing conveyor belts for the next treatment step.

qualidade dos dados_2.gif

Data Unification

With multiple data sources contributing to bring information to our platform, it is natural for there to be dubious information pertaining to the same data owner. The Identity Resolution engine in the LGPD Suite compares this information by applying a set of robust probabilistic algorithms, which can identify these duplicates and consolidate these records. The Golden Record, which represents the corporate view of a data subject's data, is formed by selecting the best information from all these duplicate records, based on a set of business rules that act to evaluate the most current and relevant data in order to create the most accurate view possible about that person.

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